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           Bor Vigor works by building up a metallic boron film in the engine. On working metal surfaces by creating a ball-bearing effect.  This long-lasting, heat- resistant*Protection  against engine friction and wear, increases horsepower and acceleration.

         *( Boron Melting point: 3,767 degrees Fahrenheit  2,075 degrees Celsius.

 Boiling point: 7,232   degrees F 4,000 degrees C)

What does Bor Vigor do?

                  Bor Vigor utilizes the exceptional heat conductivity and durability of nano-engineered Boron compounds to create a ground-breaking lubricant technology that reduces friction caused by the engine’s motion. Metal surfaces treated with Bor Vigor dissipate frictional heat more efficiently than other engine oil additives or engine oil alone. This prevents overheating and reduces wear and tear on the engine. Nano-technology boosts these effects because of the drastically enlarged surface area of nano-crystalline boron, so you can use less Bor Vigor than conventional motor oil lubricants.

Improves Fuel Efficiency;

 The reduction in friction not only offers better performance but also reduces fuel consumption and lowers engine noise levels.

Saves the Environment;

Bor Vigor is an environmentally responsible product because it decreases vehicle emissions of CO2 and other pollutants by increasing fuel efficiency. Boron is a metalloid chemical element with symbol B and atomic  number 5. Produced entirely by cosmic ray spallation and  supernovae and not by stellar nucleosynthesis, Boron is a low-abundance element in the Solar system and in the Earth's crust.



Bor Vigor offers the following advantages over other engine oil additives;

1.        Greater engine power

2.        Lower fuel consumption

3.        Longer-lasting motor oil

4.        Lower motor oil temperature

5.        Less wear on engines

6.        Longer intervals between engine services

7.        Enhanced protection against corrosion

8.        Lower noise emissions

9.        Less heat released in the engine

10.  Reduced CO2 emissions and other pollutants


Increases Engine Life;

           Bor Vigor is an engine oil treatment designed to extend an engine’s operating life and fuel efficiency. Designed for all types of gasoline and diesel engines. Bor Vigor Engine Life Treatment will not build-up, change tolerances, alter oil flow through galleys and filters, or void manufacturer warranties. Bor Vigor’s Engine Life Treatment has been formulated with our proprietary advanced Technology, designed to reduce friction inside your vehicle’s engine. By doing so, Engine Life Treatment helps reduces the wear on the internal parts of your engine and extend oil change intervals.

Decreases Fuel Consumption;

 Bor Vigor is a nano-technological product with tribological properties. It is the most effective product of its kind for coating 4-stroke gasoline and diesel engines. Bor Vigor uses the nano- crystalline nature of its active ingredients, boron diamond powder (BCDP) and nano boron. These nano-metric particles help to drastically reduce friction and abrasion on working metal surfaces by creating a ball-bearing effect, increasing horsepower an  reducing fuel consumption and emissions. The reduction in friction not only offers better performance but also reduces fuel consumption and lowers engine noise levels.

                                               Increases Engine Performance;

The active ingredients of Bor Vigor are formulated to be chemically inert and extremely stable under the high temperatures and pressures found in a running engine. In fact, the motor oil’s quality and performance is increased because Bor Vigor drastically reduces friction and heat in the engine. As a result, Bor Vigor does not degrade, but supports the function of the motor oil and decreases hazardous engine emissions. Bor Vigor boosts the performance of all motor oils. It actually enables users to opt for cheaper motor oils with that do not lubricate as well as more expensive high-performance oils because Bor Vigor’s nano-boron formula overcomes any deficits in the motor oil.



Direction to Use;

Bor Vigor TS-250 is an all-purpose lubricant for all the Cars, Trucks, Semi Trucks, 

Any size 4-stroke, gas, and diesel engines. Bor Vigor was tested successfully with turbo-charged motors. It does not damage or diminish the function of catalytic converters, and is compatible with all mineral and synthetic oils on the market.  One bottle of Bor Vigor contains lubricant for up to 5-7 liters of motor oil. 

*Before using Bor Vigor, 

(We recommend)*Change the motor oil and the oil filter.

 *Shake well (at least one minute)  the Bor Vigor bottle  to ensure that the nano crystals are dispersed throughout the solution. 

*Turn off  the engine, and pour  the required amount of 

Bor Vigor in to the motor oil. 

After use, Start the Engine and let it run for at least 10 minutes.

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